Self Sustaining Homes

Jan 9th

Self-sustaining homes is the one of solution that created by the people who works in the home construction, in the communities or in the same lifestyle to build a building that friendly for the environment because they will try to bring the low or zero impact for the environment. They made a construction that will significantly help to reduce the environmental damage. They will construct some sustain building in the economic cost for the standard services. In the world wide many country has been use this to achieve the sustainability.

self sustaining homesteading alaska ak
Self Sustaining Homesteading Alaska Ak

System that used in the Self-sustaining homes

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Self Sustaining Homesteading Alaska Ak

The self-sustaining homes also known as the autonomous home, this building has different system from the particular building that made in the many countries in the electricity, water, heating, cooling, lighting and so on. Each of the sustaining building has different home temperature and electricity it is depend on the climate, location, and the need of the sustaining building owner. The ways people in this building fulfill their need in the cooling and heating the room temperature is unique.

First, people in the shelf-sustaining homes usually use the solar energy to bring the warmness into their room, or they can make the solar panel in the roof to supply their electricity source. In the winter, the solar panel usually covered by snow, so the homeowner will try to put their window into the place where the sun ray is bringing the warmness inside their room. Before they build a home, they have been considered the location of the window.

People that live in the shelf-sustaining homes fulfill their water needs through re use the rain waters. They use the water that has been use to flushing the toilets they used it to the grass. It will called non-potable water need because they doesn’t consumed it as water to drink. They will take bath and drink water from the well.

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