Lovely Outdoor Rocking Chairs with Color

Jul 11th

Good morning friends, in the space now I leave you with these lovely outdoor rocking chairs that are able to decorate also outdoor environments.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs
Outdoor Rocking Chairs

The image I found it charming, since it involves many rocking chairs together with some beautiful colors. The shades chosen are quite vibrant and give a special joy.

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Outdoor Rocking Chairs 2
Outdoor Rocking Chairs 3
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Outdoor Rocking Chairs 6
Outdoor Rocking Chairs 7
Outdoor Rocking Chairs

These chosen colors can be changed by others that you like more. Anyway I propose this project, because I think a way to give color to outdoor areas.

If you have a large patio, too big or a porch or a similar area… Terrace, there will be nothing wrong to see this beautiful set. It is also a great idea to renew those rockers who have at home. You may not have many, but two or three will be really great.

Try to remove all traces of varnish that have these outdoor rocking chairs, so the paint will hold and penetrate far into the wood. You can do this with coarse sandpaper or an electric sander. It’s easy, but rather seeks to eliminate all the remains.

Following this task, thoroughly clean the chair and apply the color that you like. You can do this in several layers, so you have to take a more intense color. Choose, as I said the tone you want… Here we see them in pink, orange, blue, yellow and green.

When thoroughly dry, apply a coat of varnish colorless and ready to decorate our outdoor spaces. Configuration or location of these outdoor rocking chairs is essential. This time the visual secret, besides the shades, lies in the composition of the seats. If you place them horizontally to the wall, it will be something similar to what we see in the picture and if the floor is wooden. You can also change the composition and distribute the meeting area there in the garden or in other ways.

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