How to make a kids play table

Feb 10th

Kids play table – Kid learn by using their imagination during play and doing manual labor. Determine where in the kids room or wherever you play that has shelves to organize the materials and a table to make their activities. It’s easy to make a table of activities for kid that is appropriate anywhere, big or small. All you need is a few materials for assembly, some tools and basic instructions.

kids play table
Kids Play Table


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Kids Play Table

Determine the size of the table for kids play table

  1. Determine the size of the table for their kid, taking into account the space available. Make it the biggest size you can, to allow kid to have a proper space to their activities. Table legs can be adjusted length as kid grows, but the top should be the same over the years. Take the measures they will use to a hardware store and home attendants will cut the wood panel and decorative ornaments in the size you need. The ornaments will be around the perimeter of the cover, so you will need two pieces of equal length of the table and two other pieces that are the same width of it. Choose kids play table bright colors that are pleasing kid. You can change these colors in the future.
  2. Place the plywood panel on a flat surface. Mark the points where will the table legs. If you put one leg in each corner, the stability will be better, but you can make the setting a few inches away from the edges if desired. Drill pilot holes for the mounting screws of the legs. Make fixation using screws placed at an angle to pierce the upper edge of the legs on wood panel. Place a screw on the side of each leg.
  3. Secure with tape decorative ornament around the perimeter of the kids play table. Drill pilot holes through it and the table. Three or four small screws will be sufficient to keep the ornaments in place. Put one bolt on each side and remove the tape. Put the missing screws.
  4. Sand the table using a medium sandpaper to remove splinters or rough parts, and then use a fine sandpaper to remove any risk that the medium sandpaper did. Varnish and paint the table of their in order to encourage kids play table with creativity.

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