How to light an outdoor Christmas trees

Apr 13th

Give your yard a magical glow, lighting flashers on outdoor Christmas trees. This method of lighting easy to use is ideal for decorating Christmas or any time of year. Choose among multi-colored or white colored lights. Wrap the flasher on evergreens and small trees without leaves in the front yard and back. Whether for a birthday, the holidays or year of marriage, the twinkling lights will make any occasion seem more special.

outdoor pre lit christmas trees
Outdoor Pre Lit Christmas Trees


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Outdoor Pre Lit Christmas Trees
  1. Measure the tree chosen the nearest electrical outlet. You need an extension or long wires long enough to go from the base of the tree to the outlet.
  2. Remove the flasher box or container that is. Connect to test the lamps. Replace that appear burned.
  3. Take the flasher out and place it next to the tree. Bring a ladder if necessary to reach the top of the tree, and take the tip of the flasher with you.
  4. Place the tip of the wire near the top of the tree. Put it on an outdoor Christmas trees with a transparent and secure seal. Do not over tighten or you can cut the wire flasher.
  5. Play the flasher around the tree, expect some friends to guide and avoid the lights going down the stairs. The flasher should form a spiral around the tree.
  6. Go down a notch or two. Use a seal to hold the flasher on a branch near you.
  7. Hang and secure the flasher in the branches of this same manner until you reach the bottom of the outdoor Christmas trees. You may have to add another flasher if only one is not enough.
  8. Remove the ladder. Connect the extension to the flasher and plug into an outlet to see the effect.

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