How to installing kitchen tile flooring

Feb 12th

Installing kitchen tile flooring not only makes this look better, but also makes it more functional. Moreover, the kitchen can be one of the easiest areas of tiling, as they almost always have straight edges. While it may seem a very large project, worth the time and energy you put into it because a floor tile can last for years.

kitchen tile flooring
Kitchen Tile Flooring


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Kitchen Tile Flooring
  1. Ask a dry test to determine the best design to install the kitchen tile flooring. Starting at the center, place the pieces on the floor using spacer’s tiles apart. Your goal is to focus the tiles so that they are equally spaced in the wall, provided that these spaces are at least 2 inches wide. You should also try placing the tiles so that, in general, reach the gate where there is no covering skirting the edges. Adjusts the installation of tiles until they meet most of these requirements.
  2. Once you have determined where to install the kitchen tile flooring from the center, use a pencil to trace two edges of one of the tiles from the center of the cement board.
  3. Use a chalk line to draw a straight line, using as a guide the line you made in step 2 as a guide. Make sure the line is straight and level. Repeated in the other direction. Checks that the two lines form an angle of 90 degrees from one another.
  4. Mix thinnest mortar according to the directions on the label. Do not mix much, only that you use in an hour; otherwise, it will dry. To prevent the mortar dries, wets the cement board with a wet sponge.
  5. Starting at the center of the floor and working outward, tending a row of tiles along the guideline. Spread mortar with flat side of the trowel and then comb it with the notched edge thereof at an angle of 45 degrees. Make sure the kitchen tile flooring is evenly spaced using spacers tile.
  6. Once you’ve installed some tile, place a strip of wood 2 x 4 on it and Beat them lightly with a mallet to set them in mortar.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all the tiles are in place. Remove any excess mortar between them.
  8. Wait until the mortar hardens. Check the exact time the package directions.
  9. Cut the tile perimeter cutter with tile or a wet saw. For straight cuts, most hardware stores and shops selling tiles make them if you take them (and if you bought there).

10. Sets the perimeter and cut the kitchen tile flooring as you did in steps 5 and 6. Apply the adhesive on the tile if the area is too close to the flat.

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