How thick are slate floor tile?

Jul 9th

The tiles traditional slate is created by splitting slate floor tile stone along its grain. Unlike some stones that are monolithic, slate has a really pronounced grain that enables it to become split into thin slices having a hammer and chisel. This can even be cut into precise dimensions employing a wet saw.

slate floor tile
Slate Floor Tile

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Slate Floor Tile

In areas where slate floor tile is naturally, have been used to create roofs that last for centuries. Because the cumulative weight of a slate roof is covered with huge, the tiles should be divided to minimize weight. The slates can vary from 1/2 inch (1.7 cm) in thickness to a 1/4 inch (0.85 cm). Thinner tiles weigh less, but they are also more fragile and prone to breakage.


Because the boards used for the floor are seated on the ground, do not have to be as thin as roofing slate. The slate to the floor should be also thicker because people walk onto it, and actually has to become strong sufficient to withstand this force. Meanwhile, cut the thicker board than necessary is inefficient, increasing the cost of this material and expensive. The thickness of the slate floor tile starts at 1/2 inch (1.7 cm) and can go all the way up to 1 inch thick (2.5 cm). The slate floor that sits on top of hard subsoil must be uniform in thickness to create a smooth floor.


For applications and outdoor landscaping, the thickness of the board is less important than for the interior, both because the rules are more flexible and because the Board applied to the soil, sand or gravel can be worked to create a walk able surface . Natural slate stones that have been split so vague to be useful for landscaping applications can vary from 1/2 inch (1.7 cm) to several inches thick.

Light gray slate tile

The blue and gray fall into the same spectrum in the color wheel, so they complement each other like the colors of interior design. Select a light gray slate tile for your floor if you want your room to have a marine theme. The slate floor tile has a modern look, making metal parts nickel or brushed silver and coordinating lamps add beauty to the overall look of the room. Choose light colored slate tile and avoids having shades black or deep gray.


The walkways are made ​​of slate stones may involve random or tiles cut with precision, depending on the style and formality of the walkway. If this is placed on a gravel base, you can put different weights on gravel sinking them in different degrees, creating a smooth passage and minimizing the risk of falls. The paving stones cut slate professionally can range between 1/2 and 1 inch thick (1.7 2.5 cm), while the natural stone shows a wider variation.

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