Decorating Ideas for Ugly Walls with Wood Panels

Jul 9th

Wood paneling ideas – Wood panels damaged, scratched, stained or just dark and oppressive disfigure and take away life to a room. Many older homes and apartments that have not been maintained well over the years outdated flaunt this style décor and wood paneling ideas typically damaged with use. When simply removing and replacing panel’s unattractive timber is not possible, various techniques for decorating walls can transform a fantastic ugly.

wood wall panels
Wood Wall Panels

Paint them

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Cover the wood paneling with paint on light shades brightens the whole room in addition to neutral tones illuminate the opaque appearance with a feeling of gentle warmth. Before painting, the panels must be sanded to remove the gloss finish. Scrapes, scratches and holes are filled and a layer of fixative is applied before painting. Panel’s very dark color maybe requires two coats of paint to completely hide the dark background. A thick paint roller surface can cause any remaining nicks and uneven texture panel is finished with velvety places a plain.

Cover them

The wallpaper, in fact, covers all types of defects, including panels with corrugations, indentations that are not deep enough to cover with wood putty for wood and that horrible yellowish brown tone that attacks many rooms covered with wood paneling ideas. As with paint, cover with wallpaper panels requires lijen to get rid of the glossy finished paper and adhere properly. The monochrome design cashmere, floral designs and other fluids designs are ideal for this purpose.

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