Better Attention on the Basement

Jul 4th

The basement may come on the last list for many people. But it does not mean that you can recklessly build your basement floor. It is important to know that most of the basement has constant issue related with the humidity level. Any water intrusion on the wall may made things worse. It is possible to have the unwanted black mold when you rarely take a care in the basement.

small basement apartment floor plans
Small Basement Apartment Floor Plans

You need basement floor plans that will limit the chance for unintended humidity level.  To get the work done, it will be best to analyze whether you have any ground water issues. Any leakage on the plumbing system will also give another potential for extra humidity. Putting reliable air condition and enough air circulation will most likely help this floor have less issue to deal with.

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Small Basement Apartment Floor Plans
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It is important to keep things at minimum. This will help the basement has dynamic air circulation. Putting a carpet as the flooring is not highly suggested. It will be best to have the solid tile for the basement. Even if you want to set it as another storage spot, it will be important to ensure that you clean this part regularly. by doing so, accumulated dust will not make the damp condition worse.

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